The Materials and Techniques of Painting

by Kurt Wehlte, Kremer Pigment

23.5 X 20 cm. 672 pages

Kurt studied under Max Dorener, and continues the tradition of the comprehensive text on painting materials. Comprehensive it is. The table of contents alone is twenty pages. This is where I look first and usually look no further. He is not as opinionated as Max, except where he respectfully disagrees with his friend and mentor.

Even though I have no immediate intention of painting murals, I found the section on wall painting engrossing. Besides the traditional fresco techniques he describes the modern technique of silicate painting. In fresco, pigment must be applied to wet uncured plaster. Once the plaster sets the paint cannot be reworked. In silicate painting the pigments are bound to the surface with chemicals after the painting is finished, thus giving the painter the luxury of time..